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The African Travel Experts

We hope you will come away with a new understanding of East and Southern Africa. Come to Africa, it is the only continent with an abundance of wildlife, and the "True African Bush". No wineries, no marinas, just wildlife. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come each year; it still is one of the safest places in the world. So why not you?

Come with us, Vision Adventure Safaris, LLC on a journey of a lifetime, a vacation unlike any other you have taken. From the time you arrive, you are met with a warm smile and you are hand carried throughout our whole safari, with your needs in mind, to make this your lifelong dream, a reality.

I was involved in a full service travel business for over eight years, as a partner, have done outside sales for ten years, always with an eye on Africa.

My dream had been to fly a small plane over the countries, as a pilot. My first trip to Kenya and Tanzania made me realize just how beautiful it is, how friendly the people are. I also realized I did not miss home (USA) while I was on the trip. The last day of the trip I decided I had to find a way to come back, I did, I created Vision Adventure Safaris. Now my full attention is on showing others my new found home and new found families. A portion of all monies earned by Vision Adventure Safaris, goes toward helping fund work books for four different schools, help to raise funds to help re-afforest areas in Kenya, searching for funding for a water well in a village of 800 plus people, raising funds for a pre-school.

Evie Treen,
Vision Adventure Safaris, LLC
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Our Wildlife Photographic safaris range from the Standard to the Luxury

we customize your safari to fit your needs. In our safaris, we have Eco Tours into villages you would not otherwise be able to see, from the Samburu in the north (cousin to the Maasai), to the Maasai in the south at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, to the Kamba tribe who are in a farming community. We also visit rural schools, Pre-schools, homes and farms. These special trips are so that you, the traveler will get to see another way of life. Not so rushed as ours, and how they really live. You will be met with many smiles, and very warm handshakes. We also may have special occasion safaris, like a Wedding in a Maasai village, be watching for those dates. During the safari you will have the opportunity to shop for beaded art work, materials, beautiful hand carved wood animals and masks.

We are able to offer a special type of safari to those that are currently flying light aircraft. If you have enough hours flying, have experience in "high" and "hot" fields, give me a call, make this truly a dream trip, it takes a lot of planning so call me so we can get started.

We work with a Land Tour Company that has over 25 years’ experience in providing the best Driver-Guides in the industry. They are all graduates of the prestigious Utalii (tourism) College, where refresher courses and seminars are given periodically to maintain the highest standards. As such they offer the traveler expert knowledge of both the area and all forms of wildlife while providing excellence of service as well as ease and comfort of accommodations while on safari.


Call us, book now, children and Grandparents are welcome

Do you want a special vacation shared by your complete family, something to tell your friends about, tailored to your specific needs of your family, create your own great African travel stories? Give your children a cultural experience they'll remember a lifetime, and share it with them. Contact us; we can plan your special safari trip. So come with us Vision Adventure Safaris, we go there often; we know the countries we sell and the people. When your safari is finished, you will have many photos, that when you are looking at them at home, will be able to remember each place, each face, and can relive your trip over and over.