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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are tented camps?

Are valuables safe here?

As far as valuables in tented camps, I have left all my camera's charging in my tent while having dinner elsewhere, also have left my computer during the days while on game drives.  The people that work there are very happy to have a great job and won't steal, I have not heard of anything happening in the area.  If per chance you offer a baseball hat to one of the employee's, he will ask you to write a note to the management that you gave the item to him or her.  That's how tight they are.

Walking around the camp?

We like to place our clients in lodges/safari camps that are protected by electric fencing, to keep the animals out and clients safe.  Some of the smaller luxury camps are not fenced, and we place people there.  However, each camp has their rules as to make sure clients are safe.  They will give a briefing on arrival with their rules and regulations for your safety.  Most will ask you to call the office when after dark you are coming to dinner, and someone of the staff will come and escort you to the dining area, also on return to your tent they will escort you.

In the lodging where it is fenced, you are free to walk around, but you may see a post with a red button on it, that is the “Panic” button which rings a bell to indicate there is an animal inside of the fencing, some are great at jumping fences.  Baboons and monkeys are able to get inside; they are dangerous, no matter how cute they are.  Baboons  and monkeys especially if you have opened a door, with access to the outside, will come into your room and trash it, so it’s best to keep the doors to the outside closed.

Usually during daylight hours, you are free to roam around the area of the camp, but req

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