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When you go on an Africa Wildlife Vacation you want to be assured that you are not only getting a great experience but good quality service as well as value for money. You also want a special and lifetime memorable vacation.

At Vision Adventure Safaris we believe in giving you a tailor-made vacation which will bring you memories to treasure.

Even more, as well as benefitting you (and without costing you extra), your vacation could also mean that ecosystems are preserved, the rich African cultures are sustained and that wildlife is conserved in their natural habitat.

We can assure you that by booking a safari with Vision Adventure Safaris you are making a positive difference.

And beyond that, imagine how much friendlier and more enthusiastic the people should be who work in places which really care about staff and environment, as opposed to places where the companies are only interested in every penny they make from you.

The quality of service and experiences you can expect with people that make you live the African Dream at Vision Adventure Safaris and in the places you stay should make your vacation the best journey.

Ecotourism is the sustainable form of travel that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit. Who could argue with that?

At Vision Adventure Safaris we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to organize safaris, active adventures and beach vacations which can make a positive difference to the places you visit, the people you meet, the cultures you learn about, the wildlife you encounter and more. The benefit we can each make individually might be small, but every little helps. And we believe that you can get a much better experience because of us working in the ways we do and caring about the people, places and wildlife that we promote.


When you book with us you are automatically helping Social Responsible projects such as children’s pre-school, community support through provision of dependable clean drinking water. This is because every single booking with us helps Friends of Woni Kenya International, the charity we back with admin and funding.

Formed in 2008, Friends of Woni Kenya International, INC is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit in the USA, It was set up by the Woni Directors. The Board of Directors apply the following aims to funds:

  • Alleviating poverty in local communities
  • Supporting education for young children and pre schools
  • Promote and conserve cultural heritage and ecological biodiversity

Money for the Foundation is not added to your vacation cost, though all donations are welcome and are out to very responsible use. For an annual membership donation of US $25 you can join Friends of Woni Kenya International with the various initiatives that we coordinate and you will receive regular updates and reports via E-Mail. Click here to Become a Member.


We believe that Africa’s heritage of wild land and animals should be recognized as the continent’s most precious natural resource, because the rewards of wildlife and nature conservation can be reaped sustainably through multi-use tourism, benefiting not only travelers, but also Africa’s land, animals and rural communities. By creating exceptional adventure destinations in the natural kingdoms of Africa, Vision Adventure Safaris not only offers their guests an experience that promises to reawaken the soul, but through this encounter we also aim to capture the imagination of the world’s inspired travelers of all ages.


A mutually rewarding experience as well as proving a unique opportunity for cultural exchange during village visits provide a valuable contribution to the sustainability of community life. We not only encourage village visits to Maasai communities but to other Kenyan tribes such as: the Kamba who are a farming community and the Samburu who are close cousins of the Maasai and share a rather common lifestyle in a different region miles away from the Maasai. Throughout the visit, questions are welcomed as to the Maasai way of life. Photographs are also encouraged in a responsible manner and typically the visit is regarded as a joyous occasion marked by much laughter. At the end of the visit, a variety of handicrafts market is laid out on the grass by the Maasai ladies and this provides a unique opportunity for the purchase of some utterly authentic and beautiful examples of their traditional Maasai beadwork.


We employ local guides and they are all graduates of the prestigious Utalii (Tourism) College, where refresher courses and seminars are given periodically to maintain the highest standards. As such they offer the traveler expert knowledge of both the area and all forms of wildlife while providing excellence of service as well as ease and comfort of management while on safari.

Your Driver Guide is comprehensively important from the moment you arrive at the airport up to the moment of your departure. We call them your local hosts! The success of your Safari is greatly dependent on your driver guide’s ability to give you an authentic insight into your destination and for this reason we ensure that we have the best, we also call them our ambassadors.


Rather than just deciding on whether somewhere looks like a great place to stay, you can choose your accommodation on whether it has a positive impact on local people, wildlife and the environment. Some places have really pioneering attitudes or even specific projects which can really add to your safari experience.


Vision Adventure Safaris has been able to support impactful initiatives in remote villages that are on the Safari Circuit and that positively contribute towards the development of the Safaris, sustenance of the African Heritage and conservation of the landscapes of Africa through responsible practices and protection of wildlife.

Through Friends of Woni Kenya International, INC we have been able to source, drill and install a reliable pump system for Inchurra Village - a Maasai village in Amboseli. This is a village that most of our clients visit while staying in Amboseli National Park and prior to that the women and young girls had to walk for miles to nearest lodge to borrow clean drinking water which they would carry it with jerricans back to the village.

In addition to that we were able to drill, install electricity and supply dependable clean drinking water to the Ngu Nyumu Village - a farming community that our clients visit to see the farm life that the local Kamba people practice for their livelihood. In this village we have also constructed a pre-school through a local Women Self-Group who run and manage the schooling of the young students and we support with facilities to aid teaching and learning for the children.

We continue to support other authentic villages and entrepreneurs along the safari circuit in modest ways we can and this ensures a better experience for all that come to journey through East African countries and preservation of the treasures we celebrate for future generations to learn from and experience the wealth that comes from embarking on A SAFARI!


Since the beginnings of Vision Adventure Safaris we have supported the Inchurra Village – The Maasai Community in Amboseli and we are committed to raising the overall education level for the Inchurra Pre-School which is run by the community with support from the Woni Education Support Program.

The Inchurra Pre-School caters to the children of their village as well as neighboring villages, some who have to walk long distances to and fro. Vision Adventure Safaris has been committed in providing school supplies to improve their learning, school uniforms and as from 2013 we have supported their new initiative to provide the young ones with a lunch meal at school and this has improved the young students attendance and drive to pursue their studies. Hence for every client who goes on safari with Vision Adventure Safaris we contribute to the pre-schools much needed facilities at the time and meals for the pre-school children.

Most clients have been supportive to contribute school materials, teaching aids such as; solar powered calculators, crayons, writing papers, rulers, erasers, pens, pencils and exercise books as well as sports equipment such as: soccer balls and inflating pumps. We are opening this opportunity to transform lives to our partners and clients so if you can join with us together we can do so much more that will change the lives of these young ones.

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