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Evie Treen
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Once again the news is not good coming from Kenya, or so the media says with the latest occurrences that have happened in the Coastal region of the country

The latest episode in Northern Kenya was not close or near to any of the safari destinations.  And it was not even close to Lamu Island, but the media doesn’t say this in their reports.  They give names that people may recognize in order to give a location.   Or they may be reporting from Nairobi and it makes it look like the problem was in Nairobi,  And, the media first reported it as a terrorist attack, and now they are saying it is political, something about the boundaries’ of the different counties in the north. 

The safari circuit in the north is inland, which is Meru National park and Samburu, these are great parks and very safe to go to. 

If you have postponed a trip to Kenya because of this news, think about this.  No tourist dollars coming in, the Park Rangers staff will be cut, which in turn leaves the park animals open to more poaching.  It is the tourist dollars that pay for the Rangers to keep the animal safe from poachers.  There has been plenty of poaching, and the ivory and the rhino horns shipped to China and other Asian countries, it has become a big business as their economy has grown and more are able to buy the ivory.

The safari circuit is mainly in the southern part of the country, with some in the central section such as Sweetwaters; in the far south is the famous Maasai Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks.     

The coastal areas are beautiful, nice beaches, wonderful hotels, and many historic sites to see in these areas.

The media if it isn’t reporting something to keep you watching, and on the edge of your seat, but, how many times have you seen them put a lot of energy into reporting a good deed, usually it gets a few seconds of time on the air.  I always think about the CNN female reporter in a flak jacket standing in a corn field that had been burned, her comment was” look what they did to this persons corn field, they burned it”, really now, that’s what the farmer does when the corn has been picked and the stalks are dried, it give good nutrients back in to the soil.  Any farmer knows that, but the general public doesn’t.  Selling news is what it is called.  Or, maybe bending the truth.