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Our blog is about African travel. You'll find travel advice, reviews of lodges, hotels, destinations and restaurants, information about our community and conservation work as well as great images and videos. Pack your bags – Africa awaits!

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JKIA Fire and More News from Kenya



The fire spread very fast due to a lot of things not working right, and emergency equipment held up due to the traffic coming into the airport for the early arrivals and departures.  The area burned was the Customs and Immigration area with all of the new equipment that had been added recently to catch terrorists and smugglers of narcotics.  This equipment has been replaced by that which was in the Mombasa airport so that part of the situation has been covered.  They now have moved the Customs and Immigration to another area of the airport until repairs can be made.  There is an investigation being undertaken to find the cause as it looks like it was arson, as the fire started in two different locations in this area.  They are not sure where to point the finger. Some of the offices damaged are now operating from tents according to the Nation Media and the Standard newspapers in Nairobi.  The investigation is ongoing at this time


The poachers have resorted to the arrows on rhino and elephants due to the increased security, the arrows can’t be heard as the rifle shots can.  It appears they the poachers are using professional hunters to kill wildlife along the Voi River.  

Poachers Kill Elephants in Kenya


Sir Richard Branson’s Kenyan Safari Camp

Richard Branson’s spectacular new 12-tent camp, Mahali Mzuri (meaning ‘beautiful place’ in Swahili) on the Motorogi Conservancy on the northern edge of the Maasai Mara will create an experience that becomes part of your family folklore. Not only is there the colourful array of animals that will captivate your children, but it also gives kids the chance to properly interact with the Maasai Mara tribes people – who are expert wildlife guides – at the camp, or take a visit to their bomas (villages) to learn about the importance of bore holes or see how basic but effective their one-room school houses can be.

Who is it good for: Children must be over eight to stay at the camp. They are able to join their parents on game drives, but must be 12 years to go on a walking safari. The amazing thing about this camp is that you can see so much from its setting over the valley (where the Ntiakitiak River eventually runs into the River Nile). We saw a lion fell a wildebeest whilst enjoying a glass of crisp white wine.

Activities: As well as game drives there are children’s treasure hunts to test tracking skills around camp, photography lessons and cooking. The semi-alfresco lounge with its tartans and squishy sofas has kids books, TV, DVD player and games console, plus a fabulous telescope. Every child is given a welcome backpack stuffed full of goodies, and at bedtime there are stories featuring African animals read round the communal fire or a viewing of the Lion King. Cool off in the gorgeous infinity pool where you can watch the game while having a dip, and parents will love the Nasaro Spa tent and treatments using Africology ethical skin care products.

Food: Aussie operations manager, Liam Breedveld used to be head chef on Branson’s Necker Island and is a dab hand at suggesting the most delicious food tailored to you and your kids’ tastes. There’s a fabulous communal table overlooking the valley, or you could be treated to a lantern lit dinner in the bush with famous Maasai jumping around a bonfire (there is child-minding by members of staff if parents want an evening off).

November Safari – Kenya Concert Safari

Many have said “I can’t be gone that long but would love to go”, so we have come up with three different versions for those with that problem.

The first one is if you are not interested in the concerts, that one you arrive on the 23rd of November and do the full safari with us.  The cost of that is $3593.04 per person sharing a room, if you don’t have a roommate the additional charge for one person in a room is $771.00 in addition to the original charge.

The second option is arrive with the group, those concert lovers on the 19th of November, and do most of the safari, the Mara as we are going there first, Lake Nakuru area, and then Sweetwaters, and then dropped in NBO for your lunch at the Carnivore, Giraffe Manor, farewell dinner and transport to the airport leaving on the 30th of November, the cost for this one a 12 day safari  is $3450.00 sharing a room, plus your airfare, the single supplement if you want your own room will be _$1130.00 US in addition to the original cost.

The third option is a nine day vacation, with the concerts and then to the Maasai Mara for three days, on our way through NBO you will be dropped for your lunch, visits to Karen Blixen Museum, farewell dinner and transfer to the airport for your departure.  The cost for this per person is $2470.00 plus your airfare.  If you would like to have a room to yourself the additional single room supplement cost will be: $795.00 US.