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Our blog is about African travel. You'll find travel advice, reviews of lodges, hotels, destinations and restaurants, information about our community and conservation work as well as great images and videos. Pack your bags – Africa awaits!

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September Newsletter


Kenya Tourism anticipates a Bounce back

Kenya Anticipates Fallback

The Kenyan government led by the president, various ministries as well as Interior and Coordination of National government have together implemented contingency plans by the Kenya Airports Authority, Kenya Airways, Kenya civil Aviation Authority, Kenya Tourism Board and other stakeholders that saw the airport back in use almost 100 per cent capacity in less than a week.

On the fateful day when the government shut the airport, inbound planes were quickly re-routed to the Moi International Airport in Mombasa and the Eldoret Airport, while outbound passengers who already had boarding passes were accommodated in hotels in Nairobi.

The alternative transport offered to passengers by road and charter were most welcome and salvaged some of the tourists’ itineraries while giving them an opportunity to see other parts of Kenya which they would have missed.

The current support Kenya has received from governments and private sectors is overwhelming in getting this important regional hub back to full operations. It is good note that travel advisory was issued from any country.

The present number of tourists into Kenya for the ongoing wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara is impressive as compared to the past years.

Hotels, camps, lodges and other accommodation facilities across the country have reported remarkable bookings during this high season; Chartered flights are back and this is an indicator that the sector is looking up.

Destination endorsement through international upcoming events that the country will be hosting in the next couple of months will further serve to increase the brand equity of Magical Kenya.

In September, Kenya will host the Global Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference followed closely by the Africa Hotel Investment Forum in the same month.

And in October, Kenya will host two major events; the World Travel Awards 2013 (Africa category) and the Magical Kenya Tourism Expo.

The World Tourism Awards is the most prestigious ceremony which has earned the reputation "the Oscars of the Travel Industry". It will bring in over 500 guests drawn from the tourism/ hospitality industry from all over the world.

Kenya's northern tourism circuit will also play host to astro-tourism enthusiasts from across the world on November 3. They will be at the Sibiloi National Park, by the shores of the Lake Turkana in a desert landscape where they will experience the unique total solar eclipse from.

These are just but a few events and activities that demonstrate that Kenya's tourism sector has come of age and is certainly going to withstand the storms.

South Africa Travel Traffic Starting to Rise

Cape Town

Safair has been offering back-up services to other airlines for 50 years, including substituting an unmarked aircraft with crew if for any reason a flight would otherwise have had to be cancelled, has decided to launch its own scheduled service.

Safair has years of experience in providing aircraft leasing, maintenance, special operations chartering and training services. Although the airline industry is going through tough times, both business travel and tourism are starting to rise and are expected to grow in the coming year.

Virgin Comes Back!

Virgin Atlantic, which flies nonstop to London from Johannesburg throughout the year, will return to Cape Town as usual for the summer season – this time with a larger aircraft, which will help to compensate for the loss of South Africa Airways’ direct flights from Cape Town to London/ Heathrow, which it was feared would result in fewer British tourists coming here. The service will start on October 27.

British Airways, which flies here all year round, with one flight a day in winter and two a day in summer, is the only other airline that has nonstop flights between London and Cape Town

New Camp Opening Soon: Lake Eyasi Tented Camp

Tanganyika Wilderness Camps were pleased to announce the opening of their new camp, Lake Eyasi Tented Camp. Lake Eyasi is a salt lake situated west of Arusha, close to the little town of Karatu and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

The new camp is located in one of the prime areas of Eyasi, with beautiful views to the lake. In the heart of the land inhabited by the Hadzabe (Hadza) and Datoga tribes. The Hadzabe tribe is also known as Bushmen. Some 300 – 400 Hadza live as hunter-gatherers, much as their ancestors have for thousands or even tens of thousands of years; they are the last full-time hunter-gatherers in Africa.

The Hadza are not closely genetically related to any other people. While traditionally classified with the Khosian languages, primarily because it has clicks.

They are hunters and use bows and arrows to kill what they are going to eat.  They make their bows and arrows from a native willow tree which grows in the bush where they live, the arrows have metal tips which they get from the Datoga tribe. 
The Datoga people are farmers and craftsmen.  They are more sedentary and live in groups in mud huts.  They grow their own food, keep cattle and the men craft earrings, bracelets, arrow heads, etc. from metal which they melt on an open fire, keeping it alight using hand bellows.
The camp overlooks the lake and covers an area of 20 acres.  It consists of 10 tents with en suite facilities and a mess tent for meals.
The camp opens October 1st, 2013. Rates will be same as Serengeti Kati Kati Tented Camp.

Emirates Blitzes East African Destination Markets with Incredible fare Offers

Emirates Logo

Fly Emirates regional sales campaign covering Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia will kick for a longer period between 15th September until 10th April next year. Passengers will have a range of options to travel in economy, business class or to occupy, out of Dubai on selected flights and aircraft, one of Emirates’ spectacular First Class Suites.

Additional baggage allowances like 30 KG in economy, 40 KG in business and 50 KG in first class give those passengers a bonus who stay over in Dubai for a quick spot of shopping before either flying on or flying home.

Emirates flies once a day to Entebbe, once a day to Addis Ababa and twice daily to Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, using a mix of aircraft from the Airbus A330 to the B777.

Visit your local Emirates office for more details, or your favourite travel agent or check in with them via – Go Fly with Hello Tomorrow!

The Omar and Lois Safari and concerts

On the 21st November we travel to the village of Ngu Nyumu about 50 miles from the city, here we will visit the water well that was drilled in 2010, to see the improvements to the village now that there is plenty of water to raise crops.  We will also visit the preschool that Friends of Woni Kenya International has supported in a small way with items for the school.  The 22nd finds us at the Dome Theater, where Lois Mahalia and Omar Arreola will entertain the crowd from 9 PM till midnight.  The 23rd they will be back at the Tribe Hotel, time frame of about 6:30, the Mexican Embassy is having another big dinner for those who could not come on the 20th.  Omar and Lois again will perform there during cocktails and dinner time.

The 24th, finds us finally heading into the “Bush” for our safari, starting in Maasai Mara for three nights, on to Sweetwaters, two nights, Lake Elmenteita two nights, then to Amboseli for two nights.  There is still time to book this very different safari, call us, check the safari out on our website at

Friends of Woni Kenya International, Inc. is a nonprofit formed in the Usa, it is associated with Vision Adventure Safaris, LLC., with the many trips to Kenya that I have had, one can’t not see the various need of those in the rural areas, at least I can’t ignore them is maybe a better way of explaining.  To see women and children walking for miles carrying cans for water, then carrying the full cans back on their backs, a person would have to be blind.  Read More----

Or seeing a teacher teach from a blackboard, without books for the children to read from, that is hard to do, when you don’t have books to work from.  Another thing is to see the youth paying soccer/fotbol with a rolled up ball of rags as the ball.  These things motivated me to do something; it may be a small thing like a soccer ball, or turn out soccer uniforms for them to play as teams.  Maybe it might be work books so each child has their own book to do math or write in.  We have been very fortunate to have been able to find funding for two water wells in rural areas, which has forever changed the lives of those in those areas.  They now know it is clean water they are drinking, no parasites, no diarrhea, just healthy babies and adults.  If you have a kind spot in your heart for those less fortunate than yourselves, check out our web site and see what we have done and what we would like to do, maybe you can help in a small way.  Our website is

Kenya Expanding to Bird Watching as Niche Tourism Attraction

Bird Watching Experience

The County which covers Lake Baringo and Lake Bogoria is set to launch an annual bird-migration flyway in Tugumoi area which is a unique migratory route frequented by birds every November from Russia, France and other European countries.

The County Governor approached the organizers of the famous UK Bird Fair and they agreed to host the first bird fair in Africa, in Baringo, on a date that will be agreed upon within next year.

Tourism is however, booming in Lake Bogoria game reserve as more than 1.5 million migratory flamingos flocked to the lake following good weather and food.

Last Great Chance for Adventure in 2013

Kenya Safari Offers

The summer is falling down, and you know what that means: 2014 is nearing before we know it! And with so much adventure left to squeeze out of 2013. It would be ideal to enjoy the beautiful African weather and new life which springs in the parks all presenting such memorable experiences.

Vision Adventure Safaris we’ll help make 2013 a year to remember by giving you 15% OFF select end-of-year departures.

Africa Geographic

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Africa Geographic

Africa Geographic Magazine is an outstanding magazine that displays the animals, people and landscapes that make Africa so special. Africa Geographic Magazine communicates with readers, blog fans, twitter followers and Facebook devotees from all over the world but all connected through a shared passion for Africa.

Every month, the magazine offers spectacular photography, inspiring articles and insightful interviews with no-fear whatsoever to confront the difficult issues and there is so much to celebrate.

Africa Geographic is now available to iPad users through the convenience of the Apple iTunes store. Experience the same content as the print magazine plus special features such as video clips and voice-overs.