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Evie Treen
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The New Mara Serena Safari Lodge


The renovations of the Mara Serena are beautiful; you would not recognize it from before.  They have a new reception area, with a super high ceiling, a gym just below the reception, and below that the Spa.  You can get a massage while looking out on the vast land of the Mara.  They are working on improvements for the dining area, which should be done sometime after the first of the year.   

For those who have been there and remember the Maasai group coming through the dining area and singing, then moving into the reception area and doing their jumping, it used to be a game to see who of the group could hit the lights in the ceiling above.  Now with the new reception area they no longer have to worry about hitting their heads as the ceiling is very high.

Miguel Avila and Jen Wang joined the Maasai in their traditional jumping, wish you could have been there, Jen was very good, but Miguel had us laughing so hard, but sometimes he tends to entertain everyone with his antics.  We do have most of it on video, when Omar wasn’t laughing so hard he managed to film the floor, the ceiling, during his fits of laughter.

It was another treat during our safari to have Lois and Omar sing almost everyplace we went.

All for this newsletter, you should come join us on our next safari, we have so much fun, it’s like a family outing.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Enjoy a special Bush breakfast at the New Mara Serena Safari Lodge