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Evie Treen
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to those who have traveled with us this last year, it has been a good year.

The Lois Mahalia and Omar Arreola concerts went off well, the combination of Lois and Omar singing together was wonderful, the people in Kenya did enjoy the concerts and they wanted more!  The Mexican Embassy Revolution Party was filled with many people from the various Embassies, tequila tasting was in full swing, the food was beyond good, it was fantastic.  It was hard for the Chef’s as their way of doing things was not always the way of the Kenyan Chef’s, but it all turned out well.    The concert at the Dome went well also, so a year of planning paid off.

Our Safari was one of the best, as we had many firsts. We were able to see a river crossing of the wildebeests, seems that Tanzania had not had any rain, and when the animals returned to Tanzania in October, there wasn’t any new grass for them to eat, so they turned around and came back into Kenya.  To have so many hundreds of wildebeest in Kenya in November and into December was unheard of.  The river crossing was on our last morning there, and just asks Miguel Avila about it, he was so excited, and his narration of it was hilarious!  One poor wildebeest became the lunch for a crocodile, that part I didn’t want to watch.  While we were in Lake Nakuru we saw a leopard, big male beautiful, he just walked across the field and then right in front of our vehicle, so the camera’s were going like mad.  

It’s very unusual to see a leopard during the day time.  Lake Nakuru is taking over the land, there has been so much rain in the area’s that feed the lake it now has flooded up to the entrance of the park,  even flooded some of the buildings.  The flamingos are mostly gone to other lakes not bothered by the rains.  When it will go back is up to Mother Nature, the rain is needed, but it does hamper the tourists coming to see the flamingos in Kenya.


We broke the record for our Driver Guide Fred, we saw the Big Five in just less than six days.  A first for our Freddy, he was so happy!  The leopard is always the one that is missing due to their nocturnal habit.