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Emirates A380 allowed to land in India


The latest news about Emirates is that the Indian aviation have at long last come to terms with the reality of today’s aviation world, which includes the growing use of the largest passenger aircraft in service, the Airbus A380.

Massive opposition was dropped for the big bird to finally get landing rights at key Indian Airports. The Indian DGCA is now able to certify those airports capable to handle an A380, reportedly only a handful at present but among them the key gateways of Dehli, Mumbai and Hyderabad, all of them Emirates destinations already. That process however may take some time, depending on how the Indian bureaucrats are disposed towards this new competitive ‘threat’, before finally the A380 can be deployed on routes to India.

None of India’s airlines, many of them, like national carrier Air India, long plagued by labour disputes and as in the case of Kingfisher suffering an almost total collapse, hampered by a lack of capital and yet feisty in the knowledge of constant government protection against foreign airlines, is yet flying the A380. From abroad though have global giants like Emirates and Lufthansa for long put forward their applications to use this aircraft type to add capacity rather than add more flights.

For now though the door certainly has opened and as and when Emirates will be able to use the A380 to Indian destinations, be sure to read it right here.

India has in recent years evolved to be a top choice for travellers seeking classic vacations, active adventure explorations, photographic expeditions, rewarding wildlife tours with a wide range of luxurious accommodations.