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Destination Rwanda

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About Rwanda

Rwanda is a remarkably beautiful East African country with a wide range of flora and fauna. Rwanda’s main activities include hiking, tracking Gorillas and Chimpanzees in their respective habitats.

The main spotlight of a Rwanda vacation tend to be a Gorilla tracking expeditions which is a very incredibly special experience. However, the country has much more to offer that it’s enthralling Gorillas. The most popular area visited is the Virunga Mountains in the North which is a habitat to the Mountain Gorillas and ideal for other treks and cultural activities in this area.

The country’s main airport is Kigali Airport which centrally perched and has a great choice of hotels as well as ideal driving distance to the nearby Volcanoes National Park. We recommend sightseeing in Kigali – capital of Rwanda to learn their history and experience this thriving city.

Volcanoes National Park is the most visited park which is dominated by the Virunga volcanoes which extends to the borders of Congo and Uganda too.

Rwanda’s southern part has the Nyungwe Forest National Park which is home to approximately 1000 chimps, and large troops of Colobus Monkey and unique mammals such as giant forest hogs. Tree species are in abundance as well as butterflies and orchids. There are many forest trails that can be hiked whereas Chimp Trekking here though is not guaranteed since it can be a bit of a challenge depending on weather conditions. The rainforest is outstanding and well worth a few days in the area.

Lake Kivu, the Rwanda equivalent of ‘the beach’! is huge and found on the western part of the country. Here you can spend a few days relaxing or intermingling with the local fishing communities who live in this area and wander the leafy streets of Old Colonial Towns.

Vision Adventure Safaris is well-placed to give you sound, enthusiastic advice about a Rwanda Vacation. So, for your tailor made Rwanda Vacation, talk to us for expert advice and ask us a quote.

Reasons to Visit Rwanda:

Tracking Gorillas, Chimpanzees and other primates
The trek through the dense forest on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes and Nyungwe Forest can take between two to six hours. However your reward is an hour watching your assigned gorilla troop play, eat, groom and relax.

Lake Kivu Breakaway
The perfect spot for resting your resting your weary limbs after your gorilla tracking, Lake Kivu is 90 minutes’ drive through winding hills and colourful villages from the Virunga Volcanoes. Here you can float on the water on a relaxing boat trip and watch the world go by.

Kigali Sightseeing
A sightseeing tour of the capital of Rwanda - Kigali is highly worth it. You will have a chance to see and learn how the country is once again thriving after picking up itself from its past scores. The Kigali Musuem is the highlight and houses so much to learn from.

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