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Best Time to Visit Kenya

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Depending on the kind of vacation you are looking for will determine the best time for you to travel to Kenya for the experiences that suite you best:

January to March, when the weather is hottest and driest created the overall best time to visit Kenya as it is teeming with life just after the short rains that happen from early November to early January, the animals in the wildlife parks tend to congregate more around watercourses, making the easier to spot and capture great shots.

From July to October, the Great Wildebeest Migration takes place, with thousands of animals streaming into the Masai Mara National Reserve from the Serengeti.

During April/ May and November the rains fall and can turn the roads into marshes and make game drives rather crisis activities in the parks. We rather like to avoid the parks affected and focus on other areas as Kenya has such a diverse ecosystem that it’s possible to find great places to visit no matter what period of the year.

At wildlife rich regions in the northern Kenya, such as Laikipia & Samburu National Reserve, the rains don’t affect your safari, but may make it more of an adventure to find wildlife. The most ideal times to visit for great game is the cooler dry season between July and October and the hotter dry season of December to March.

The Southern sector of Kenya which comprises of Amboseli, Tsavo East and West National Park is best explored during the dry months of June through to end of October before the fall of the short rains in November & December. January to end of March is also very rewarding when these parks are full of life creating some great photo opportunities and wildlife watching experiences. April through to May we have the long rains and make the roads unpredictable in the park.

The Kenyan Coast is at its best between early December and March or late June to early October. March and April are the hottest months and the rains come in late April to early August randomly and again in late October to November.

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Best Time to Visit Kenya

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Depending on the kind of vacation you are looking for will determine the best time for you to travel to Kenya for the experiences ...


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